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This is Kevin, my sweet, affectionate boy kitty. He went missing the night of March 16th when I let him out to use the bathroom. He normally comes inside after relieving himself, but he hasn’t shown up since.

The weather here has been cold and rainy, and I am hoping someone has possibly taken him in for shelter. He didn’t have a collar on, but he is well groomed and fed as well as fixed; obviously not a stray.

I am currently readying flyers to be put out, but I wanted to get the word out here, too. I know many of my followers aren’t from around here, but if any of you could signal boost this, it would be greatly appreciated. You never know, it could appear in front of the right eyes.

Please help me spread the word. Any info on Kevin’s whereabouts would help. I want to get my boy home.

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A more thorough walk through than my previous tutorial. This time it focuses on studying values while painting a sphere.

Originally found on my blog (Part 1 and Part 2) and Deviantart (Part 1 and Part 2).

Drawing Tutorial Master Post


For anyone new to my blog, if you click on the Tutorial Master List button you will see a neatly organized bunch of tutorials. While I still would love you to check them out on my blog, this post will give you the opportunity to like and reblog so you can have them in your reference list. Everything is below the cut, as I have way to many references than I know what to do with. I constantly am updating these so please check back for more.

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:D by B03DI

Having a low opinion of yourself is not modesty. It’s self-destruction.
—Bobby Sommer (via scrlett)

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Stormy Sea Tutorial by suzidragonlady



A quick tutorial on how I paint (mostly angular) shaped objects in a BG.



its amazing how easily

a simple smile hides the pain

or how a closed mouth

makes you seem nonexistent.

so easily forgotten

but people have better things to do

more important things to worry about.

i’m just a downer,

a failure,

a loser,

a ghost.

Its as if I don’t exist

unless I force myself to be seen.

but why would I?

when I can just stay here in silence

and wait for someone to want me

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No matter how hard I try to fill it, it’s still empty.